QDOM 175 Type 1 Orientation Module

The QDOM 175 Type 1 is fully compatible with all QDT based systems and is rated to operate within specifications up to 175°C.

Features of the QDOM include:

• Operates with low power consumption
• Onboard memory for calibration
• Custom made magnetometers
• Encapsulation of electronics in special molds to minimize the impact of vibration, shock and to dispatch excessive heat from components
• Chassis designed for torsional rigidity and strength
• All sensors and electronics covered with sleeves for additional protection
• Custom designed wiring harness to improve service turnaround time

QDOM 175 Type 2 Orientation Module

Identical features as the Type 1 sensor but has custom designed uphole and downhole lap joints to fit with different Directional Module.

Download QDOM-175 Specifications Sheet