Model Validation

In order to meet the demand of quick turnaround time, QDC technology is available to perform specific tests and we can return your tools within 5 days.

• Roll test at room temperature
• Roll test at elevated temperature


In the oil and gas industries, the drilling process has become more precise and therefore more complex. QDC technology provides Total Field Calibration using the earth’s magnetic field, referencing calibrated Proton Precession Magnetometer (PPM) insuring accurate total magnetic field values over the full calibration temperature range.

• Earth’s magnetic field is continuously monitored for disturbances to ensure stable field for measurements
• Custom designed test stands and software to provide most accurate data and improved performance
• Typical turnaround time for calibration is from 7 to 10 days


Repair and Maintenance

QDC technology repairs and maintains our products and a wide range of third party products. All tools are repaired by trained, experienced technicians and engineers to make sure they meet operational performance and specifications. The capacity of our facility allows for fast turnaround of repair and maintenance services. Typically, we can complete and return your repaired tools within 30 days or less.


QDC Technology provides customers the most current and up to date technology with in-house innovative proprietary technology upgrades. There are two options for upgrades:

• Using existing accelerometers to build our QDOM Orientation Module
• Using existing chassis with magnetometers to upgrade customer Orientation Module. This option is available for a limited selection of sensor types