QDOMTM is QDC's market leading orientation module, developed to work in tandem with all industry Tensor QDT style Strongback DIM's. The QDOMTM is rated to 175°C (survivable to 185°C) and is assembled at QDC's manufacturing facility in New Waverly, Texas.

QDOM™ keys to success:

  • Packaging - R&D focused on developing an easily serviceable chassis - we feel the best in class.

  • MagSenseTM - Proprietary wide dynamic-range magnetometers are produced in our controlled environment and provide precision detail.

  • Q-Flex Accels - High-precision full-sized inertial quartz flexure (Q-Flex) accelerometers deliver superior performance and durability.

  • 24 bit ADC - Incorporates a high-resolution 24 bit analog to digital converter (ADC). This is in contrast to our competitors that only employ 12 bit ADC's. This produces superior resolution and offers improved post-calibration performance to greatly increase mean time between calibrations as initial accuracy is higher.

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